Sound of Silence ! 

Nofisol has achieved its market position;

• By listening to the customer

• Listening to you !

• Listening to the challenges which you may have with soundproof and/or fire safety insulation

• Listening to your wishes and needs, testing these against the legal regulations and technical possibilities, possibly in conversation with the architect and always consulting with the installation company.

The timely and sufficient anticipation of technical and market developments is something that Nofisol has made its speciality. A specialist that thinks with you, advises and works on a solution with you. So they are a real partner!

As a producer-supplier and as an adviser, Nofisol provides an overall concept to solve your technical sound and/or fire problem. But Nofisol goes beyond just answering your technical questions. Nofisol also takes its duties for sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously. By taking this train of thought, we have been able to have our Nofisol fire and sound barrier range certified Cradle to Cradle (C2C).

As a partner, Nofisol is in a position to meet any challenge with regard to fire-resistance, sound and/or sustainability with a comprehensive range of fire-resistant and sound-insulating or – absorbing products with the starting point: SUSTAINABILITY.





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4902 TT Oosterhout
The Netherlands

Tel : +31 (0)162 431 231
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NOFISOL Europe BV is a subsidiary of DNS international

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